How to Build Relationships with Headhunters: 12 Ways to be Credible when the Executive Recruiter Calls

As a leader who cares about the health of their career, you need relationships with reputable executive recruiters (aka headhunters). The executive search or recruiting firms looking for management-level to executive-level talent can be an important channel of opportunity. Here are 12 ways to demonstrate credibility and build a relationship with a headhunter.

How to Create Increased Job Security & Opportunity in your Current Company

When the only person in your organization who knows the good work you do is your immediate manager, you have a problem. There is no getting around the fact that you need profile and relationships in other parts of your organization. Your goal is to have important, influential people in your organization think you are golden. One of their most valuable employees.

How to Conquer what’s Holding you Back

Between where you are now and the future you envision for yourself is an inner enemy. That enemy is **resistance**. From Steven Pressfield: 

> On the field of the Self stand a knight and a dragon. 
> You are the knight. Resistance is the dragon. 

The bolder your vision, the more formidable your enemy. Every one of us goes toe-to-toe with this enemy everyday. From sticking to an exercise regime or healthy eating, to professional projects like: 

* Launching your own thing
* Proactively moving out of your current job
* Expanding your professional network

Launch of

Welcome to my new digital headquarters!

Way back in 2005 I began blogging and publishing on career development and professional growth with articles reaching millions of readers through key portals like Monster, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Workopolis and many others. In the last few years, other endeavors have pulled me away from publishing.

It is time for renewal and a re-focus. I have transferred all posts from the Bold Career blog to this new home with the intention of creating a stronger and cleaner personal platform for writing and adding value to you. The separation will also help create a more focused professional services offering at The Bold Career Project.

What Can You Expect at

A large part of my earlier writing focused on career transitions. The strategy and best practices of personal branding, proactive job search and career change.

Through my work over the last 5+ years running the MBA career centre for a Top 100 global biz school (Sauder School of Business at UBC) and private consulting work (via Bold Career), my focus has evolved.

Going forward, I will provide insights, conversation and solutions around the navigation of your professional journey. In a complex and competitive professional landscape, how do we define meaning and create greater impact through our work. I believe this is an under-served space, and a vital one to address and serve in this changing landscape.

Landscape of Work for White Collar Professionals

The landscape in which we are managing our professional lives is:

  • Shifting: What is career progress in a world where traditional ladders of progression and success are disappearing?
  • Complex: What are the principles, skill sets and opportunities for managing your brand and offering in an increasingly complex and digital marketplace?
  • Competitive: How do you create a solid and credibile reputation and be in-demand and highly marketable in an increasinlgy competitive market?
  • Disrupted: What threats and opportunities exist in terms of how you rent your time and expertise to the marketplace? What models are emerging for earning a living?
  • Pressured: What are the right trade-offs at different stages of your career?
  • Fuzzy: Unlike the blacksmith, the work of the average white collar professional is hard to describe and more difficult to sell, transfer and even appreciate. How do you understand and articulate what you do in a clear way?


My 20+ years working in the marketplace for talent has shaped a portfolio of expertise in the following audience groups:

  • The ranks of executives, managers and up-and-comers among white collar professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, independent consultants and anyone exploring or pioneering in the realm of earning a living in ways other than through a traditional job
  • Leaders of all stripes and those focused on their own personal leadership
  • Those at the early stages of their career looking for signposts as they grow their career
  • And finally, people who value aligning who they are - their strengths, interests, personality and values, with the what, where and how of work.

What Can You Expect at The Bold Career Project

Bold Career is the homebase for professional services offerings. They include; personal branding and LinkedIn support, resume development, career transition services and outplacement services. Future course offerings may be based here as well.

Interested in Jumping on Board?

Given the importance of this mission, my number one focus is earning your trust and attenion. To that end, you can get on board in the following two ways.

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I am looking forward to this next stage of the journey.